Who we are

Tomas Solovejus
(operating under Kupu Kupu trade name)
Individual Economic Activity Certificate No. 617906
Telephone: +370 607 76690
Email: info@kupukupu.lt

Our website: http://kupukupu.lt

Privacy Policy, Personal Data Protection, and Direct Marketing

  1. The Company shall collect, manage and keep personal data in observance with the Sales Rules, Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Legal Protection of Personal Data, as well as with other effective legislation. The Company ensures the rights of data subjects based on the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data and other effective legislation regulating personal data management. The Trader shall manage personal data submitted by the Customer to operate the e-sales (to accept and execute the Customers’ orders, to manage post-sales service, etc.).
  2. The Trader shall manage the Customer’s personal data for the following purposes: (a) e-sales – to identify the Customer, execute sales activities of goods and services in the e-shop, process the Customer’s orders, issue financial documents, deliver the goods ordered, provide with the post-sales services, enable the chargeback service or substitution of goods, settle the issues pertaining to the purchases made by the Customer, execute any other liabilities undertaken by the Trader (for details see item 14.4 of the Sales Rules); (b) direct marketing – (for details see item 14.5 of the Sales Rules); (c) to ensure the quality of the services being provided.
  3. After the Customer places an order and (or) registers with the e-shop, it shall be deemed that the Customer has agreed to provide with the personal data and accepted the Sales Rules and personal data protection policy specified therein, and the Customer has no objection against the Trader to manage Customer’s personal data for the purposes specified herein.
  4. For the purpose of the e-sales, the Trader shall collect and manage the following personal data of the Customer: name, family name, telephone number, address (provided for that the Customer indicates the address in the delivery form). The aforementioned personal data shall be kept and managed until a complete execution of the order. Afterwards, the data shall be transmitted to the passive database and kept there within the entire post-sales period. Upon the expiry of the said terms, the personal data shall be erased by an authorized employee.
  5. The Trader shall manage personal data for the purposes of direct marketing as well. By selecting one of the options provided by the Trader for the receipt of the newsletter in the Registration Form next to the selection box I wish to receive newsletters from www.kupukupu.lt, the Customer agrees to receive information and advertising related to the goods and services from the Trader and (or) third parties chosen by the Trader to the e-mail and (or) via SMS, and (or) by phone call to the telephone number as specified in the Registration Form.
  6. For the purposes of statistics, the Trader may use the data, which are not related to the Customer directly, i.e. these are the data on the goods purchased. Such statistical data shall be collected and managed in the way not to disclose the Customer’s identity or other personal data enabling the identification of the person.
  7. The Trader shall receive personal data from the Customer directly (upon the registration of the latter with the Customer’s account; as well as upon initiation of the sales contract). Within the registration procedure and (or) when making a purchase, the Customer must indicate correct personal data. The Trader shall not manage any personal data received otherwise.
  8. When managing and keeping the Customer’s personal data, the Trader shall employ the best of their effort to ensure the protection of the data against accidental or unauthorized erasure, substitution; as well as against any other illegitimate management. However, the Customer shall also take care of the security and (or) confidentiality of their personal data, especially in the cases related to their disclosure to the third parties. Parents or guardians of the minors shall be liable for their behaviour and (or) confidentiality of their personal data.
  9. The Customer confirms they have had an opportunity to familiarize with the terms and provisions regulating personal data management. The Customer has been informed on and shall enjoy the following rights:
    1. at any time to change and (or) update the information provided in the Registration Form; as well as to cancel their registration. If so, the Customer’s account is cancelled, and registration data are erased;
    2. upon submission of the identification document by the Customer to the Trader, or upon confirmation of their identity in the procedure laid down by the effective legislation or via the means of e-communication enabling a proper identification of the person, the Customer shall have the right to review their personal data and control their management, i.e. receive information regarding the sources their personal data has been collected from and what specific data has been collected, for what purposes they have been used, who they are provided to; as well as request the erasure of the personal data or suspend their management activities, if detected that the data have been managed without following the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Legal Protection of Personal Data or terms and provisions of other effective legislation;
    3. other rights embedded by the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data and other effective legislation;
    4. The Customer shall declare their acceptance of or objection against their personal data management in writing and (or) via e-mail the registration with the e-shop has been made from by indicating their full name.
  10. The Customer shall have the right to object against the management of their personal data; as well as to refuse the submission of their personal data. However, if personal data are necessary and essential to identify the Customer for the purposes of the contract conclusion (e-sales), and the Customer does not provide with their personal data and (or) objects against their management for the purposes indicated in the Sales Rules, the Trader will not be able to conclude and (or) execute the sales contract.
  11. The request to correct and (or) erase personal data, and (or) suspend personal data management activities shall be declared by the Customer in writing, via e-mail or in person at the Trader’s business venue.
  12. The Trader shall undertake to ensure the protection of the Customer’s personal data, to implement proper technical and organizational tools enabling the protection of the personal data against their illegitimate erasure and (or) accidental substitution, and (or) against any other illegitimate management activities. All the Trader’s employees and representatives shall undertake to protect the Customer’s personal data.
  13. In the procedure and to the extent outlined in the Sales Rules, the Trader may provide personal data only to the data subject, delivery companies, as well as other data recipients, provided for that based on the laws, judicial orders and other effective legislation, the Trader is obligated to provide with such personal data.
  14. Inquiries, claims and other information related to the personal data being managed shall be submitted in writing (via e-mail) to the e-mail address info@kupukupu.lt.
  15. Inquiries, claims and other information shall be formulated in such a way, which enables the Trader to identify the Customer and produce a relevant respond, and send the reply. The Trader shall employ the best of their effort to respond to the Customer’s inquiries, claims and requests as soon as possible.