Kupu Kupu

tropical butterflies

At Kupu Kupu we breed, frame and sell tropical butterflies.

For over seven years now, we’ve been breeding live tropical butterflies for release at private or business events. Our butterflies have adorned dozens of wedding ceremonies, birthdays, and public events.

A framed butterfly is our attempt at preserving the fragile & fleeting beauty of these exquisite tropical creatures. Whether you are a sworn butterfly enthusiast or someone looking to decorate your home or office premises – we have you covered. Order online and we’ll have your framed butterflies sent to you the next working day.

Why Kupu Kupu?

Kupu kupu is a butterfly in Indonesian.

Indonesia is a butterfly collectors’ haven as it boasts some of the most coveted species of tropical butterflies. Some of our favourite butterflies are also found in this region.

Hence the name – Kupu Kupu.

Our products

Learn more about our tropical butterfly product range. View our collection of tropical butterflies below.